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What makes us

It started with a child. As many women can attest, child birth is a life changing experience; and I am not talking about the fact that there is this new precious thing in our lives! Child birth changes you. You have a completely new body (even if you returned to your original “shape”!) and you have to get used to it. It changes your skin complexion, your hair, and God knows what else!

I straggled with acne my whole life, and now my skin become sensitive and there are wrinkles and sun tan from the garden.  also quite often get into Poison Ivy…. Tim has itchy skin, specially when it gets colder. He scratches till he bleeds and is willing to slather anything on his skin if it will help. But it never does…  Then is our son, Liam who has a typical child skin that is sensitive and easily irritated. He is all boy and is constantly covered by ant bites, mosquito bites, and other allergens from playing outside.

I explored ways to make my own products that will actually be good for us and help with specific skin issues, using only natural and organic ingredients. I know exactly what goes in my products and so will you! And just like that the Red Bear Soap was born.

I will let you on a little secret…. Most natural products are NOT natural, not in a consumer sense anyway (poisons are natural). The word “all-natural” is not an assurance of goodness, it’s more of a marketing term, or as my husband likes to joke; Uranium is all natural! Many commercial products claim to be natural and organic but still include additives and preservatives. Our soaps use skin loving oils (olive, coconut, almond, avocado, castor, etc) and butters (cocoa, Shea, Jojoba, mango). They are saponified using sodium hydroxide. Not all of my soap ingredients are the same but all are made from scratch using only natural ingredients to address a specific skin issue. All of them are formulated for sensitive skin with a lot of moisturizers.

We grow and harvest herbs used in the making of the soap in our garden. I use chamomile, burdock, turmeric, dandelion, Tulsi basil, sage, calendula and lavender. Herbs are dried and later used to make oil infusions or herbal teas for the soap. I also use beer and apple cider in some of my bars. They provide amazing benefits to sooth irritated and acne prone skin.

I hope you find solution for your thirsty skin with us! We are certainly glad you found us!


P.S. Here is the full list of oils, butters, and herbs we use and their skin benefits.